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Sliding Shower Door Benefits | Hinged Vs. Sliding Doors

  • Frameless glass sliding shower doors slide on tracks rather than open outward

  • Sliding shower doors are sometimes referred to as ‘bypass doors’ and are particularly suited to smaller bathrooms

  • Sliding door designs can be configured to overlap and make both sides of a tub or shower enclosure accessible
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Sliding Shower Door Benefits

Frameless glass bathtub enclosures and shower door designs add unparalleled luxury to bathrooms. However, glass bathtub enclosures and in-line showers aren’t always suitable for smaller bathrooms. Thankfully, sliding shower doors address this problem.

Unlike an outward opening shower door, sliding doors run from left to right on hidden tracks. Shower and bathtub enclosures can, therefore, be stepped into by sliding doors from side to side. This makes in-line shower installations possible, even smaller bathrooms and bedroom ensuites.


Functionality Benefits

  • Sliding frameless glass doors are ideal for bathrooms where maximizing space is of paramount importance

  • Sliding shower doors are functional and can include handles which double as dedicated shower racks

  • To maximize accessibility, sliding doors can be configured to provide access to both sides of an enclosed bathtub or walk-in shower simultaneously


Seamless Design Suitable for any Existing Bathroom Design

808 Glass in Toronto create stunning frameless glass shower and bathtub enclosures. Where existing bathroom size and layout restrictions are a problem, we make made to measure sliding doors which blend seamlessly into existing surrounds. By using specially tempered glass, we are also able to offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty on every new glass enclosure and door installation.

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Sliding doors are the perfect compromise for smaller bathrooms and en-suites. This being the case, we can help you make more possible with what space you have available. To benefit from a free, no-obligation consultation, call or contact us now to discuss your plans in more detail.


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