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Benefits & Use Cases Of Custom Made Mirrors

Mirrors are essential everyday home decor devices. In bathroom contexts especially, custom mirrors help exemplify space and maximize natural lighting. However, when looking to enhance your Toronto home, not just any mirror will do.

Custom Mirror Benefits

By being designed to fit any surface or frame size, custom mirrors provide several functional benefits.

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Restore Antique Frames & Built-In Property Features

Antique and existing custom mirrors are often considered irreplaceable. However, in the event of an accident, custom mirror experts like ourselves can cut glass to fit any existing frame size. This is particularly beneficial for owners of existing mirrors and family heirlooms which can be damaged during home moves.

Custom Mirrors Can be Cut to Fit Unusual Wall Layouts

Historic buildings in Toronto are often subdivided and remodeled into several separate living spaces. When this happens, some properties can be left with unusual wall layouts. Thankfully, a custom mirror can be cut to maximize light and brightness, in properties which feature even the most quirky interior architecture.

A Custom Mirror is a Functional Decorative Device

Everyone uses a mirror to fix their hair in the morning. However, a custom mirror isn’t just ideal for straightening up before work. A well-placed custom mirror can be used to maximize perceptions of interior space and depth. Custom mirrors are, therefore, ideal for placement in narrow corridors, box rooms, and particularly small size bathrooms.

Custom Mirror Installation Made Simple

At 808 Glass, we’re the go-to company in Toronto for bespoke bathroom and architectural glass solutions. However, we don’t just specialize in the fabrication of frameless glass shower enclosures and architectural elements. Also capable of creating iconic custom mirror designs, we can cut and frame mirror glass for a wide variety of decorative purposes.

Personalized Mirrors By Style, Color & Size

The difference between standard mirrors and custom made vanity mirrors is simple.

With a store-bought mirror, Toronto homeowners are limited with regard to where mirrors can be placed for maximum brightness. Conversely, a custom mirror can be designed to fit any surface, ceiling, or wall space.

  • A custom mirror can be cut the precise size of a specific home area
  • Custom mirrors canhelp transform the overall look of a room
  • Custom mirrors can be cut and set into frames which complement existing home decor and architecture

No Matter What Your Mirror Shape or Size, We Can Help

Whether you are looking to restore an antique piece of furniture or add more light and depth to your home, we can help.

We manufacture custom mirrors to fit the precise dimensions of commercial and residential wall space. We also specialize in ceiling mirror installation and luxury glass panel installation, in leading Toronto hotels and business premises.


Custom Mirror Decoration

808 Glass are capable of delivering everything from ultra-modern bathroom vanity mirrors to distinctive standalone mirror designs. At the same time, we can add definitive personal touches to cut glass by incorporating custom engravings and mirror textures.

  • We can create beautiful tinted mirror glass which reflects light and adds depth without being overwhelming
  • Mirror glass can be acid etched and frosted to add opacity
  • When restoring antique mirrors we can use specially aged and distressed glass to add authenticity
  • When creating decorative custom mirrors, we can use bespoke printing and engraving to create eye-catching artistic designs

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