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Frameless Glass Corner Shower Benefits

Frameless glass corner showers make breathtaking design statements. However, panels and doors are also much longer lasting than traditional fiberglass.

  • Shower glass panels and doors will never rust, dull, or yellow with age
  • Tempered glass makes it harder for mildew to take hold and can be wiped clean in seconds
  • A frameless glass corner shower takes up visibly less space than a traditional fiberglass enclosure
  • By being transparent, glass corner showers transform the look and feel of bathing areas by allowing bathrooms to appear visually brighter
  • Glass shower designs can add significant value to properties
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The Benefits of Corner Showers

  • Corner showers are both stylish and functional
  • Frameless glass corner shower enclosures look incredible and are ideal for smaller bathroom layouts
  • By having a smaller footprint, corner shower enclosures are particularly suitable for bedroom ensuites

Corner Shower Style & Functionality Benefits

A refreshing shower is a must early in the morning. However, frameless glass corner showers aren’t just functional. Space saving and economical, a glass corner shower can also revitalize the look and feel of a bathroom without remodeling.

We Can Help You Transform the Look of any Bathroom

808 Glass in Toronto are your frameless glass shower experts. Focused on design, we custom create stylish corner shower enclosures and doors suitable for even space restrictive bathrooms. As tempered glass experts, we equip Toronto hotels, property developers, and homeowners, with visually stunning frameless shower enclosures. Each can be designed to complement any bathroom or ensuite. As a bonus, we always consult freely with clients to help identify the perfect design for any bathroom and budget.


Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures Vs. Regular Corner Showers

Corner shower enclosures haven’t always been prized for their looks.

Traditional pre-built corner showers are made using prefabricated fiberglass. Showers, therefore, often look plastic and out of place. Thankfully, frameless glass shower enclosures are completely different.

Instead of using unsightly fiberglass panels, frameless glass shower enclosures are custom built using tempered transparent panels. As a bonus, glass doors and panels can also be engraved and frosted for even sleeker appearances.

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