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Choosing the Right Frameless Glass Company

Custom Frameless glass is one of the most versatile construction materials to work with. However, for best aesthetic results, homeowners should always work with trusted contractors like ourselves.

During our project discovery process, you tell us exactly what kind of glass railing system design you have in mind. We then identify what designs will best complement existing property architecture. Before residential construction of staircases and balconies, we also allow you to choose from a variety of different customization options. Contact us today if you need more info.

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Lighting & Unobstructed View Benefits

As well as being versatile and easy to customize, a glass railing or staircase can transform how light diffuses.

With the right glass railing, even historic building interiors can be equipped with a clean, minimalist, and ultra-modern aesthetic. This is thanks to the fact that glass railings installation remove visible barriers between interior areas. Much more importantly, increased natural light results in significant health and well-being benefits for homeowners.

Frameless Glass & Unparalleled Versatility

Commonly used materials in stair railings & decks stairs include stainless steel, aluminum , wood, and wrought iron. However, materials like the aforementioned are restrictive in terms of how they integrate with existing architecture. Frameless glass isn’t.

  • When used indoors, a tempered glass railing system complements all kinds of existing architecture
  • Wrought iron and aluminum won’t complement aged brick or wood.
  • The right contractor can install frameless railings which transform the appeal of both modern and historic buildings

Custom Residential Frameless Glass Stair Railing, Stairs & Balustrades

Tempered glass is one of the world’s newest architectural materials.

Invented In the early 20th Century by Rudolf Seiden,  it`s far stronger than conventional glass. However, up until the 1980’s, frameless glass was used exclusively in commercial contexts. Thankfully, stainless steel railing systems today can be found in company headquarters, offices, and a wide variety of Toronto residences.

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Outdoor Glass Railing Benefits

As a go-to frameless glass company in Toronto, we are regularly called upon to make modern outdoor glass stair railing and balcony surrounds.

In rural and suburban contexts,custom outdoor glass railings are prized for their ability to provide expansive garden views. In fact, frameless glass is currently the material of choice for property developers when constructing contemporary home decks and verandas. City condominiums meanwhile, can be transformed by railings, into brighter properties with breathtaking views and increased urban living appeal.


Glass Railings as a Low Maintenance Property Investment

A wrap-around glass railing or balcony is always strikingly beautiful. However, tempered glass is also highly durable.

  • Tempered glass is much more durable than wood
  • Glass railings will never corrode or tarnish with age
  • Frameless glass used in staircases and balcony surrounds ages slowly. After cleaning, glass panels will, therefore, look just as good decades from now as they do today
  • By being corrosion resistant, tempered glass is perfect for indoor and outdoor use in coastal locations just like Toronto

With tempered glass, property owners don’t have to worry about galvanic corrosion, oxidation, or materials like wood degrading. Railing and balcony panels will last for decades; possibly even centuries after installation.


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