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Installing Glass Stair Railings: Are They Safe?

When designing the interiors of a multi-level home or business site, the construction of stairs is a major consideration as it reflects how you maximize the amount of space available. Those looking for a more sophisticated and streamlined aesthetic are likely to encounter interior treatment recommendations that include glass stair railings. The finished product is a sight to behold and will no doubt brighten up the area, but a common question that crosses everybody’s mind prior to construction is, “are glass stair railings safe?”

If this is the design route you want to take for your structure, you’ll be happy to know that glass stair railings are more popular and preferred than you think. This is because they have proven themselves durable and safe compared to the traditional stair railings, provided that they are installed by an experienced professional. Here are three reasons why you should consider professionally done glass stair railings for your home or commercial space.

What Makes Glass Railings A Good Choice for Stairs?

When one talks about glass railings, the initial reaction would be to liken them to the typical mirror or drinking glass’s fragility. Many building and home owners are concerned that glass is not strong enough to hold weight or stay intact against blunt force impact. However, this is far from the truth. Glass material used for railings is four to five times more sturdy than typical glass. Provided that it is installed by a professional who knows how to handle glass installations, your structure’s glass railings will hold firmly and reliably for many years.

  1. Glass stair railings are not prone to decay and rot.

Glass maintains its quality for an indefinite period and will not decay or rot. Besides, the structures supporting it are typically made of stainless steel, which is also not prone to decomposition.

  1. Glass railings are installed as a whole unit, so there are no small spaces for pets and little kids to slip through.

Most stair railings are made of wood or steel, and the majority of them have spaces in between bars where pets or small children can squeeze into or get stuck in. Glass is installed as an entire unit. It is also difficult for children to climb because it will be slippery and will have no grooves or spaces to place their feet in to get a boost.

  1. Glass stair railings are made of a particular type of tempered safety glass.

Glass stairs are made of a special kind of extra firm, high-impact, and heat-treated glass. Compared to the typical material, it can withstand impact up to four or five times more. When it does break, it will not shatter into harmful shards but will, instead, turn into relatively harmless small cubes.

Have Your Glass Stair Railings Installed By a Professional

Glass railings are relatively strong and safe to use, and this has been proven by many homes and commercial buildings with stairs that have stood the test of time. However, there is a significant factor to ensuring that it does deliver the efficiency it promises. Glass stair railings have to be installed by a true professional to guarantee that the structure meets all safety guidelines. By choosing to have yours set by the most trusted glass installer in your area, you can have peace of mind and confidence in knowing that the striking new addition to your space is also the safest and most reliably completed.

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