Quebec boasts Canada’s lowest electricity prices. However, each year, Montreal natural gas prices creep upwards. Did you know, though, that investing in vinyl windows is an easy and effective way to reduce annual home heating costs?

Vinyl Window Replacements

Montreal bares the brunt of some of Canada’s harshest winters. To help make winter more manageable, we specialize in replacing wood and aluminum windows with energy efficient vinyl windows. Vinyl window replacements last for several years, eliminate cold drafts and significantly improve overall home insulation.

Vinyl Windows Manufacturing

Montreal windows come in several shapes, sizes, and architectural design styles. For this reason, we specialize in in-house manufacturing of vinyl windows. We custom manufacture windows which are made to measure, and which can replace any existing wood, aluminum, or existing PVC window frame design.

Residential Vinyl Windows in Greater Montreal

Your Montreal home is your castle. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to suffer the perils of plummeting mercury, compounded by poor home insulation come winter time. In most Montreal homes, most heaty in winter is lost through poorly insulated windows and doors. Thankfully, we can help change this, specifically, by installing vinyl windows which have a higher Energy Star rating than wood or aluminum equivalents. Residential vinyl windows supplied by us are energy efficient, long-lasting, and ultra-secure. You can, therefore, save, while also feeling more at home in your own home.

New Home Vinyl Windows in Greater Montreal

Smart home buyers in Montreal increasingly look to buy new homes with high Energy Star efficiency ratings. It can be costly to add improvements like better insulation and vinyl windows post-purchase. Home buyers, therefore, look to invest in properties which guarantee a higher degree of comfort and overall efficiency from the moment they first cross the threshold. To help home developers sell new homes faster, we can install Energy Star rated vinyl windows on any new build. We also regularly install vinyl windows on individual self-build properties throughout the Montreal area.

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    Commercial Vinyl Windows in Greater Montreal

    Heatwaves struck Montreal mercilessly in 2018. Searing summer temperatures saw businesses cranking up AC controls. However, just four months later, the same companies were already cranking up thermostats to stop workers from freezing. While it’s not possible to win completely against the Montreal weather, vinyl windows can help. Better insulating properties keeps commercial buildings cooler in summer and far warmer in winter. We can also install vinyl windows while causing minimal levels of disruption to your business, year-round.

    Why Choose Our Vinyl Windows?

    Vinyl windows boast superior energy efficiency, stylish looks, and long-lasting design appeal. However, these benefits can only be fully realized when windows are manufactured and installed by fully certified and insured contractors like ourselves. Just like you, we’re locally based in Montreal. More importantly, we treat every property with the utmost respect. We install vinyl windows which enhance the curb appeal of properties. We follow stringent industry standards when installing windows, to maximize energy efficiency. Vinyl windows supplied by us, are also guaranteed to be resistant to even the harshest Montreal winter weather.

    What are the Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

    Vinyl windows offer several significant advantages over wood, aluminum, and older PVC widow designs. Chief among these is the fact that vinyl windows are far more energy efficient. However, vinyl windows also offer several other benefits. In Montreal, we make vinyl windows available in a nearly unlimited range of color and cladding options. Windows can, therefore, be installed on older buildings and non-conventional buildings, without clashing with existing property architecture.

    Materials used in vinyl windows also help cancel outside noise pollution. Windows supplied by us are also surprisingly affordable and come with an excellent warranty.

    How are Vinyl Windows are Constructed?

    Vinyl windows are predominantly composed of double glazed glass panels housed in a specially treated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) frame. Inner locking and opening mechanism are usually comprised of stainless steel.

    For the most part, polyvinyl chloride equips vinyl windows with their most significant aesthetic benefit. This is thanks to the fact that PVC window cladding can be easily colored and stained to complement more traditional wood and metal window frames. Vinyl itself also doesn’t warp, stain or turn brittle after exposure to direct sunlight. This makes Vinyl superior to materials like wood and metal, which can corrode and warp with age.

    Types of Vinyl Window we Manufacture

    Vinyl is versatile. Vinyl windows are, therefore, the go-to choice for many Montreal home developers. Moreover, to cater to both developers and individuals, we can custom fabricate vinyl windows in a wide variety of styles.

    Awning Windows

    Upward opening, crank-operated awning windows, are ideal for placing in areas which require good ventilation. Typically, awning windows are, therefore, the go-to window choice in kitchens and commercial properties.

    Casement Windows

    Like awning windows, casement windows are crank-operated. However, windows open horizontally rather than vertically. This makes casement windows particularly ideal for hard to reach areas and box rooms.

    Double Slider Windows

    Double sliding vinyl windows are composed of two sashes which can each glide side horizontally in a window frame. Typically, double sliding windows are, therefore, used in home bedrooms.

    Double Hung Windows

    Double hung vinyl windows use sliding sashes like slider windows. However, sashes slide upwards and downwards, in a similar way to traditional sash windows found in historic Montreal buildings.

    Single Slider Windows

    Single sliders are popular window styles which feature a single, horizontally sliding sash which can be securely locked to guarantee a high level of insulation, while facilitating unobstructed views.

    Single Hung Windows

    Single hung vinyl windows are similar to double hung windows. However, for superior insulation and energy efficiency, top sashes are fixed, leaving only lower sashes free for opening and closing.

    End Vent Sliding Windows

    End vent sliding vinyl windows are comprised of three panes. Central panes are fixed. Conversely, one or both sashes at either side can be slid open to allow for ventilation.

    Picture Windows

    Picture windows are vinyl windows which are perfect for framing idyllic views, but which don’t open. However, homeowners can position picture windows between sliding or hung windows.

    Fixed Casement Windows

    Like picture windows, vinyl fixed casement windows can not be opened. Instead, windows are designed to provide nothing more than unobstructed views which add extra light into properties.

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