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808 Smith Glass in Montreal, create bathrooms which expertly reflect your personal sense of style. Build your dream bathroom by working with us to incorporate frameless glass into beautiful walk-in showers and bathing areas.

Bathrooms Built for The Way You Bathe

Frameless glass is the material of choice among top Montreal bathroom designers. From space creating inline showers to luxury bathtub enclosures, we help transform Montreal bathrooms into spa-like bathing areas with timeless design appeal.

Using specially tempered glass, we can revitalize the aesthetics of any bathroom, regardless of size or layout. All you need to do is share your dream bathroom vision with us.

Our Services

Tempered glass is an architectural dream material. From glass walls and doors to balcony railings, frameless glass can modernize and brighten any home area.

At 808 Smith Glass, we can custom fabricate any size of tempered glass panel ready for use in even the most ambitious bespoke bathroom design. Being tempered, glass provided by us is also shatter and impact resistant for maximum safety.

Bespoke Shower Glass

Tempered glass panels used in showers, provide homeowners with an easy and effective way to maximize natural lighting and bathroom brightness. As a design material, tempered glass also embodies future-proof design appeal and unparalleled versatility.

Bulky fiberglass and acrylic sheet materials used in traditional shower cubicles age poorly. Panels dull with age and provide an ideal anchor for mold and mildew. Conversely, tempered glass retains a modern aesthetic appeal for decades, while also being easy to maintain.

From ultra-modern floor to ceiling corner shower enclosures, to space-saving neo-angle showers, we can use tempered glass to revitalize the look, feel, and design dynamism of any Montreal shower area.

Frameless Glass Showers

Bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures are the preferred choice of shower design among contemporary bathroom designers. More suitable for larger bathrooms, walk-in enclosures are composed of floor to ceiling panels with zero framing. Aesthetically similar to spa steam rooms and home saunas, frameless glass showers are the epitome of luxury. Professional design and installation can, therefore, add significant market value to Montreal properties.

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    Our Services:

    6 Shower Doors
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    Shower Doors

    Inline showers are showers which are set into separate alcoves in bathrooms. Capable of creating a room within a room, inline showers can take up full bathroom widths in larger bathrooms. Alternatively, an inline shower alcove can take up a comparable amount of space to a standard size corner or neo-angle shower tray.

    Inline showers can be partitioned from bathrooms using simple shower curtains. However, frameless glass sliding and hinged doors add an all-important sense of added luxury and increased functionality.

    Tempered Glass Bathtub Enclosures

    Frameless glass showers are increasingly popular in Montreal. However, frameless glass can also be used to create just as visually impressive bathtub enclosures.

    As well as preventing water from migrating outwith of bathtub areas, frameless glass bathtub enclosures insulate bathing areas from draughts when bathing. Glass itself can also be engraved and frosted for privacy and added decorative benefits.

    Large Bathroom Mirrors

    Smaller Montreal bathrooms can often feel confining and claustrophobic. Glass shower and frameless glass bathtubs can resolve this problem by freeing up visual space and maximizing natural lighting. However, large custom mirrors can also be used to maximize brightness. Mirrors can also add an almost tangible illusion of extra physical space. For this reason, 808 Smith Glass can be contracted to fabricate and install large custom mirrors designed to fit any bathroom wall space measurement.

    About Us

    If there’s one room in your home which deserves to feel luxurious, it’s your bathroom.

    As a leading provider of high-quality shower glass, 808 Smith Glass add noticeable glam to Montreal bathrooms. More importantly, we constantky strive to add improved functionally and livability benefits to bathrooms, which whole families can appreciate.

    The tempered glass we use in shower and bathtub enclosures can be tinted and frosted for privacy. This and engraved with a wide variety of custom patterns and decorative motifs.

    Beautifully modern, shower and bathroom glass supplied by 808 Smith lass, can also be used to accentuate vintage design elements such as clawfoot bathtubs. All of our glass is also fabricated on demand. On request, we can, therefore, design and install frameless glass features like glass walls, stair rails, and balcony surrounds, for use in homes and commercial office contexts.

    Discover the Bathroom You’ve Alway’s Wanted

    808 Smith Glass create custom frameless glass enclosures for bathrooms which capture people’s imagination and finally make you feel at home in your own home. No matter how modest or ambitious your bathroom remodeling plans might be, we can help. All you need to do is reach out to us directly to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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