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Kc Heating And Air

Kc Heating And Air

An air conditioner is an essential appliance in most homes. Homeowners use air conditioners for comfort as these units maintain and regulate cooler temperatures during the hot months. Air conditioners also impact your health and that of your loved ones positively. An AC creates a healthy, clean, and safe environment free from dust and mold that might cause allergies. However, all this is only possible if your AC is regularly maintained and serviced.

At Reddi Services, we offer KC heating and air conditioning services for homes and commercial properties. We provide our customers with flexible maintenance schedules that ensure their units are operating optimally.


How to Choose the Right HVAC Unit for Your Home


An HVAC system is a significant investment. As such, choosing the right unit is crucial to ensure you are comfortable in your home all through the year. Before selecting the right HVAC system, you should enlist the services of a reputable contractor to inspect the ducts in your home to ensure they're in good working condition. That's because poorly sealed joints in the ductwork can cause an efficiency loss of up to 30 percent. If your ducts have a problem, the contractor will remove dust and debris that would reduce the unit's efficiency and correctly insulate them. 


What are the Benefits of Good Air Conditioning?


The following are the advantages of good air conditioning in your home:


  • Clean, Filtered Air – An AC filters air that's coming from the outside, by removing mold and pollutants such as dust and dirt particles. As such, only clean air gets into your house. This is important for individuals who suffer from asthma and allergies as the AC reduces the irritants that may trigger an attack.
  • Heat Moderation – Besides external temperature from the sun, electronic appliances in the house can contribute to the high temperature indoors. A cooling system moderates heat produced by stoves, computers, and other electronic devices to ensure that your home remains comfortable.
  • Better Sleep – It can be challenging to fall asleep in a room that has excess humidity or heat. An air conditioner replaces the hot air with a cold draft and draws excess moisture out of the room, allowing you to get better sleep.
  • Productivity – In a work environment, it's common for employees to slack off and feel fatigued when the atmosphere is humid and hot. An AC, however, can keep the workplace cool and comfortable for your employees, thus encouraging productivity.
  • Minimizes the Risk of Heatstroke – Heatstroke is fatal. An air conditioner helps to protect against illnesses and death that can be caused by excessive heat.


How Can You Keep Your AC in Good Working Condition?


Here are ways to maintain your air conditioner.


  • Check the External Unit – The outdoor unit is as important as the indoor system because it lets out heated air from the house. Regularly check the external unit to ensure that it's not covered by debris or plants that may block airflow. This is necessary because if the hot air is not discharged fast enough, there will be inadequate cooling inside the house.
  • Change the Air Filters – Over time, the air filters become clogged with dust that restricts the movement of cool air into the house. You should regularly inspect, clean, and change the filters to maintain the efficiency of your AC.


How Can You Save Energy and Money When Using Your Air Conditioner?


If you're worried about your energy bills when using your AC, here are some tips to help you save energy.

  • Switch off your air conditioning unit when there's no one at home. This saves both energy and money.
  • Ensure that your house is well ventilated, with no cracks in the walls or near the windows and doors. Such openings allow cool air to escape, minimizing the effect of the AC, and causing it to work harder and use more energy.
  • Turn off your AC during nighttime. Because the evening air is cooler, you can take advantage of that by opening a window and turning off your air conditioner at night. Further, for you to sleep comfortably at night, your body doesn't need the AC to run at the exact temperature as it does in the daytime. Therefore, with the AC off, you can save energy and, at the same time, enjoy your sleep.


Get Expert Help


Reddi Services can fix any problems for you if you are concerned about the functioning of your air conditioner. Call us today on (913) 553-4542 for reliable KC heating and air conditioning services.

Kc Heating And Air
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