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Shear Pin Load Cells

Shear Pin Load Cells

Can you control the accuracy of the weighing scale? What causes a load cell to drift? Several factors determine the quality of the data, such as the environment, load cell quality, and calibration. The load cell is particularly important in determining the accuracy of the weighing system. Here is what you need to know about shear pin load cells.

What is a load cell?

What is a sheave pin? The load cell is a machined metal that bends to the mechanical force or electrical signal on the device. The bend adheres to the elasticity of the strain gauge at the particular point of the cell. The strain gauge offers the right display for the electrical signal to express the weight of the vehicle.

The load pin load cell will easily replace the existing pivot pin or solid shaft. The load cell's diverse applications include hosting gear, aerospace machine, crane, subsea or marine tools. The load information has custom manufactures to match different strengths and metrological data.

What are the key features of shear pin load cells?

  • The custom pins have a design that easily replaces many existing pins without changing the mechanical structure.
  • The construction has high-strength steel with a material certificate of a higher caliber.
  • The steel has locking features to match different applications.
  • The temperature adherence is between 180 ˚C and -20 ˚C
  • The typical shear pin load cells' typical applications are safety systems, load shackles, marine applications, load monitoring systems, and lifting systems like cranes and hoists.
  • Load cell designs allow one to specify the length, diameter, and capacity of the design. They have exclusive stainless stain materials that are perfect for different environments.
  • Load pin varieties include submersible outputs like the RS485 and USB

How does a shear beam load cell work?

Load pin cells design the load pin with a single shear for the intent of saving money. We believe that the solution generates the right different outputs than with a single shear load pin. The load pin design has a system that assures little mechanical interference from the applied force. The load pin design relies on changing the particular diameter of the holding plate. The plate's purpose is to create deformation spots that ensure sufficient force on the concentration zone for reliable and accurate data.

Load pin cells also have the name, Clevis pin load cell. They have real-time monitoring data and work best when they have vibration and shock-resistant qualities. We have scales that can withstand massive weights to meet specific applications for the project.

Our engineering experts offer extensive support to different load cells. These devices allow one to use them for different jobs because they offer the guarantee to maintain advanced technical support in intense applications.

Massload designs the cells to integrate into different commercial and industrial applications. Our experts can support your installation process or the necessary details that affect the calibration details. We will offer you the best quality weighing system when you call for sales and technical support of different shear pin load cells.


Shear Pin Load Cells
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