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Drain Service Oxnard

As pipes age, they can crack, break, rust, and cause all kinds of damage for a home or business owner, as well as every organization that depends on healthy pipes to convey sewage away into a mainline sewer system. Since underground pipes are out of sight, they are also usually out of mind. The problems don't become obvious until the pipes fail, causing major disruptions to businesses and causing major expenses for homeowners who are typically responsible for lateral sewage pipes connected to their homes. It comes as no surprise that people constantly are calling us for drain service in Oxnard.

Until recently, damaged pipes had to be dug up and replaced with new ones. This method of drain service is not only expensive, but it can significantly damage your property, driveways, and sidewalks as well. For businesses, this can be a major disruption and lots of lost revenue.

Kenz Plumbing Provides State-of-the-Art Drain Service in Oxnard

Kenz Plumbing is the number one choice for drain service in Oxnard. We have a better way of cleaning drains than the highly invasive and expensive methods of drain service. We can repair sewer pipes in most cases without digging them up by using a new technology called cured-in place piping. The damaged pipe, which serves as a host, is lined with a tight-fitting material that rehabilitates the original pipe without compromising the flow capacity.

How Cured-in Place Piping Works

The same process is also perfect for repairing vertical pipes inside of walls. How does it work? Kenz Plumbing service technicians will inspect and clean the pipe. Measurements will be taken to determine the length of the damaged pipe as well as variances in diameter. A liner made of quality felt is designed to fit perfectly within the existing or host pipe. The felt liner is saturated with high-performing resin and pressed through rollers to make sure the resin is evenly distributed throughout the entire liner.

Working quickly through a sewer cleanout, the liner is inverted, and then special equipment is used to insert the saturated felt liner and expand it with a blatter, creating a tight fit against the existing pipe. Once the liner is inserted, the ambient curing process begins immediately. Overall, the process can be completed in just a few short hours. When the liner is completely cured, the ends are cut. Side connections are cut open, and flow is reintroduced into the pipe.

Call Kenz Plumbing for Drain Service in Oxnard

The result of the process is a renewed pipe that turns a project that would normally take days to complete into a project that will only take a few hours to complete. Plus, cured-in place piping will last fort will last for decades. Contact Kenz Plumbing to learn more about all of our professional drain services in Oxnard.

Contact Kenz Plumbing any time for affordable, practical drain service in Oxnard.

Drain Service Oxnard
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