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Benjamin Moore Paint Louisville Ky

Benjamin Moore Paint Louisville Ky

Shop Watts Home Center when looking for Benjamin Moore paint in Louisville, KY- we have a terrific selection of Benjamin Moore colors for your interior and exterior paint projects. You won’t find the quality products we sell at most other home improvement stores because most retail paint stores are only focused on their own bottom line. At Watts Home Center, we are committed to helping you experience superior results when completing your renovation.

Q: Is Benjamin Moore paint sold at Lowes?

A: Lowes home improvement stores are not suppliers of Benjamin Moore products. You’ll need to find a specialty paint store, like ours, for a full BM product line.

Q: Is Benjamin Moore paint available in Louisville?

A: Yes, we stock all Benjamin Moore paint and stain products and supplies at Watts Home Center- every color of the rainbow, in fact. From bright sunflower yellows to bird egg blues and fireplace brick reds, we have exactly what you’re looking for in our paint store. Feel free to stop in and request color samples to use for your project.

Q: Is Benjamin Moore paint sold at Home Depot?

A: Home Depot does not sell Benjamin Moore paint; however, they have many BM colors available in their dispensing system. If you bring your Benjamin Moore color name or number to Home Depot, they can recreate your color but one thing they cannot recreate is the Benjamin Moore quality and exclusive product guarantee.

Q: Why use Benjamin Moore paint?

A: You’ll find numerous advantages to choosing Benjamin Moore paint for your next project:

  • Choose Benjamin Moore’s Natura line of interior paints for allergy and asthma sensitivities
  • The durability of Benjamin Moore paint is renowned
  • Quality color that lasts for years
  • Custom color-matching available through Benjamin Moore
  • Better value when compared with most other paints
  • Superior paint selection
  • More than 4,000 distribution locations throughout North America
  • Exceptional coverage, ensuring you use less paint
  • Paint washability is second-to-none

Q: Why shop at Watts Home Center for Benjamin Moore Paint?

A: Our staff is experienced in working with Benjamin Moore paint products, so we can help you select the right paints for your home, offering color-matching services to seamlessly blend new paint with existing decor.

Q: What other products does Watts Home Center carry?

A: As a complete design center, we carry decking, siding, replacement windows & doors, and high-quality paint. Explore our website to see how we can help with your upcoming home improvement project. We’re more than a reputable supplier of Benjamin Moore paint in Louisville, KY- we’ll be with you at every step of your renovation.

Q: Who can I call with questions about Benjamin Moore paint?

A: Reach out to our team from Watts Home Center by calling (502) 222-1202 when you need professional insight or help to determine which paint color is right for your living room walls or home’s exterior. Benjamin Moore paint can deliver picture-perfect results at a cost you can afford, but it’s only available from an independent supplier like Watts Home Center.

Benjamin Moore Paint Louisville Ky
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